The Danbury Mineralogical Society

Welcome to rocks and minerals!  Whether you are a member of the public or the press, or visitor to one of our meeting, we want to tell you about ourselves.

WHO WE ARE:  We are interested amateurs bound by a love for the science and hobby of rocks, minerals, and gems.  Our primary focus is mineralogy and collecting of crystals and other mineral specimens from the abundant resources of Connecticut and surrounding states.  We are also interested in fossils, dinosaur tracks, meteorites, amber and related topics the earth sciences.

WHAT WE DO:  We meet once a month to display minerals and talk.  We have slide shows and speakers from museums, mining companies and colleges.  Our members include current and retired teachers, scientists, journalists and artisans, so we often give the talks ourselves.  We organize field trips to various collecting localities.  We organize a major mineral show each September.  The club is an enthusiastic sponsor and partner of the new Connecticut Museum of Mining and Mineral Science in Kent.  We serve as a speakers bureau and educational resource for schools, libraries, Scouts and other groups that would like to learn more about rocks and minerals.  We are eager to take requests.

WHY WE'RE IMPORTANT:  Few academic fields have had a greater revolution in the last generation than earth science.  The development of plate tectonic theory, new understanding about the dinosaurs and their extinction, and insights from astrophysics have taken the formerly quiet science of geology and transformed it into something like the history of everything.

Mineralogy is perhaps the easiest way to begin exploring science as a whole.  Studying the rocks and minerals in your backyard can ease the way into biology, chemistry and physics.

There is only one safe, intelligent way to collect rocks and minerals on other people's property.  Go with a responsible group that insists on the right equipment and collecting procedures, knows the rules and regulations, has proper permission from the owners and can help you identify your finds.  For those without a college or museum group, the main relationship with private quarries and other sites that are normally off limits to the public.  We correspond frequently with our fellow minerals clubs in Connecticut and other states.  Our trips are planned, and our club has liability insurance.

WHEN WE MEET:  The first Thursday after 7:30 p.m. (formal meeting at 8) at Mill Ridge School in Danbury.  No meetings are held in July and August, but frequent field trips on weekends are announced at our meetings and in our monthly newsletter, copy of The Danburite.

HOW TO CONTACT US:  Write us at P.O. Box 2642 Danbury, CT 06810, or e-mail John Pawloski at [email protected].  We'll be happy to send you a free copy of the Danburite (or down load it here).  Please drop in on a meeting.  There is no obligation, and no one leaves empty-handed.